Reviving Economic Growth: A Cato Online Forum

In conjunction with the conference on the future of U.S. economic growth, the Cato Institute has organized a special online forum to explore possible avenues for pro‐​growth policy reforms. We have reached out to leading economists and policy experts and challenged them to answer the following question:

If you could wave a magic wand and make one or two policy or institutional changes to brighten the U.S. economy’s long‐​term growth prospects, what would you change and why?

Their answers can be found in the brief essays below.

This forum serves as a brainstorming session, not a blueprint for policy change. We have assembled an eclectic group of contributors from across the ideological spectrum to give readers exposure to a broad range of views and stimulate creative thinking about reform alternatives. These essays should not be construed as representing the views of the Cato Institute; furthermore, we are confident that there is considerable disagreement among the contributors regarding the merits of the ideas presented here. But by casting the net broadly, we hope to encourage fresh thinking about the daunting challenges facing the U.S. economy — and, with luck, to uncover surprising areas of agreement across the usual ideological divisions.