Cato University Summer 2007


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Marcus Cole,professor of law at Stanford University Law School, on “Property, Contract, and Freedom,” A Constitution of Enumerated Powers and Unenumerated Rights,” “Legal Order without Coercion,” and “Law and Economics of the Regulatory State.”

Glen Whitman,associate professor of economics, California State University at Northridge, on “The Economic Way of Thinking,” The Economics of Politics,” “The Economics of Prohibition,” and “The Economics of the Environment.”

David T. Beito,associate professor, University of Alabama, on “Libertarianism and the Struggle for Equal Rights” and “Welfare without the Welfare State.”

Tom G. Palmer,senior fellow at the Cato Institute, vice president for international programs and director of the Center for the Promotion of Human Rights at Cato, and director of Cato University, on “Why Liberty,” “The Historical Struggle for Liberty: 2300 BC – 1776 AD,” “The Logic of Individual Rights,” and “The Rhetoric of Liberty.”

Robert McDonald,assistant professor of history, United States Military Academy at West Point, on “1776: The Revolution that Changed the World,” “The Depressing Story of Civil War, World War, and Great Depression” and “New Deal, New Frontier, Great Society, and the Modern American Welfare State.”

Brian Doherty,senior editor, Reason magazine, on “The Emergence of the Modern Libertarian Movement” and “Libertarian Models of Political and Social Change.”

Ronald Krieger,economist and Wall Street veteran, on “’Wall Street Wisdom’ and the Wisdom of Markets” and “Economic Liberty: Free the S&P 500.”

David Boaz,executive vice president of the Cato Institute, on “The Coming Century of Liberty.”

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The 2007 Cato University is co‐​sponsored by the Donald and Paula Smith Family Foundation