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The Politics and Law of Term Limits

About the Book

Would term limits be a good idea? Would they be constitutional? The Politics and Law of Term Limits presents both sides of the issue and lets the reader decide.

The Founding Fathers did not include term limits in the Constitution because they thought citizen legislators, not professional politicians, would be the rule. An overwhelming number of voters from every demographic group in the nation believe that should be the case today.

Contributors include syndicated columnist George F. Will, League of Women Voters president Becky Cain, Thomas E. Mann of the Brookings Institution, constitutional scholar Ronald D. Rotunda, and former White House counsel Lloyd Cutler, among others.

About the Editors

Edward H. Crane is president of the Cato Institute. Roger Pilon is director of the Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies.

What Others Have Said

“The book is an indispensable collection of diverse views on one of the most intellectually challenging and pragmatically significant issues of our time”
–Floyd Abrams

“Excellent work! The book is filled with balanced and compelling essays on both sides of the term‐​limits debate. America’s most supported grass‐​roots issue is presented with distinct clarity.”
—Sen. Hank Brown

“This is a mind‐​expanding treatment of a fascinating public policy issue. You feel as though you’re watching a fifteen‐​round fight where both combatants are knocked to the canvas, but somebody’s eventually going to win.”
—Gov. William F. Weld