The Libertarian Mind

A Manifesto for Freedom

Libertarianism—the philosophy of personal and economic freedom—has deep roots in Western civilization and in American history, and it’s growing stronger. Two long wars, chronic deficits, the financial crisis, the costly drug war, the campaigns of Ron Paul and Rand Paul, the growth of executive power under Presidents Bush and Obama, and the revelations about NSA abuses have pushed millions more Americans in a libertarian direction. The Libertarian Mind, by David Boaz, longtime executive vice president of the Cato Institute, is the best available guide to the history, ideas, and growth of this increasingly important political movement.

With new information on the threat of government surveillance, the policies that led up to and stemmed from the 2008 financial crisis, corruption in Washington, and the unsustainable welfare state, The Libertarian Mind is the ultimate resource for the current, burgeoning libertarian movement.

The audiobook is available through Amazon and iTunes, distributed by Audible.

Praise for the book

“They say the libertarian moment has arrived. If you want to understand and be a part of that moment, read David Boaz’s The Libertarian Mind where you’ll be drawn into the ‘eternal struggle of liberty vs. power,’ where you’ll learn that libertarianism presumes that you were born free and not a subject of the state. The Libertarian Mind belongs on every freedom-lover’s bookshelf.”
—Senator Rand Paul

The Libertarian Mind is so convincing critics will want to condemn it, regulate it, tax it, fleece it, and forbid it. Fortunately, good ideas haven’t been outlawed—yet.”
—Peter Thiel, technology entrepreneur and investor, author of Zero to One

“For anyone who wants to explore the ideas that are energizing the right and exasperating the left, David Boaz’s clear and often passionate book is the place to begin.”
—Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution

“America is a country full of people who feel personal liberty and individual responsibility in their guts. This book puts those guts into words. America is also a country full of politicians, academics, and self‐​possessed elites who mistrust liberty and responsibility to the bottom of their souls. This book plants a kick in that fundament.”
—P.J. O’Rourke

The Libertarian Mind is a brilliantly updated version of Libertarianism: A Primer that is very clearly written with quite reasonable and compelling arguments on behalf on human freedom. Boaz’s message is both timeless and extraordinarily relevant to the challenges that we are facing today. It deserves to be read carefully and thoughtfully by everyone who truly cares about creating a more ethical and prosperous world.”
—John P. Mackey, Co‐​founder and Co‐​CEO, Whole Foods Market

“David Boaz has been my guide to the history, economics, and politics of freedom for years.”
—John Stossel

About the Author

David Boaz is the executive vice president of the Cato Institute and has played a key role in the development of the Cato Institute and the libertarian movement. He is the author of The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom and the editor of The Libertarian Reader.