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Left, Right & Babyboom: America’s New Politics

What impact will the babyboom generation have on American politics in 1988 and beyond? How do babyboomers differ from their parents — and from their younger brothers and sisters? How can Democrats and Republicans appeal to them?

These are just some of the questions considered in this pathbreaking book by more than a dozen of America’s most insightful political analysts. Among the other topics discussed are the inadequacy of the liberal‐​conservative spectrum, the role of ideas in American politics, and the future of the political parties.

Left, Right, and Babyboom is the first book to explain just what political analysts mean when they describe baby boomers as economically conservative but socially liberal — and what that combination of views means for the system. This book is a lively introduction to the post‐​1984 political world. It is must reading for candidates, campaign consultants, journalists, and political observers. Among the journalists who have relied on this book are George F. Will, the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune magazine.

The authors in Left, Right & Babyboom: America’s New Politics include:

  • Lee Atwater, Deputy campaign director, Reagan‐​Bush ’84
  • Michael Barone, Coauthor, Almanac of American Politics
  • David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute
  • Pat Caddell Campaign strategist for Jimmy Carter and Gary Hart
  • Terry Nichols Clark, Senior study director, National Opinion Research Center
  • Edward H. Crane, President, Cato Institute
  • Marvin Field Director, California Poll
  • Paul Kleppner Professor of history and political science, Northern Illinois University
  • Dotty Lynch, Political editor, CBS News
  • William S. Maddox and Stuart A. Lilie, Coauthors, Beyond Liberal and Conservative
  • William Schneider, Resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Paul H. Weaver, Author, The End of the Corporate State
  • Vin Weber, former Republican congressman, Minnesota
  • Tim Wirth, former Democratic congressman, Colorado