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Against the Dead Hand: The Uncertain Struggle for Global Capitalism

Globalization: it’s earlier than you think. That’s the provocative message of Against the Dead Hand, which traces the rise and fall of the century‐​long dream of central planning and top‐​down control and its impact on globalization‐​revealing the extent to which the “dead hand” of the old collectivist dream still shapes the contours of today’s world economy. Mixing historical narrative, thought‐​provoking arguments, and on‐​the‐​scene reporting and interviews, Brink Lindsey shows how the economy has grown up amidst the wreckage of the old regime‐​detailing how that wreckage constrains the present and obscures the future. He conveys a clearer picture of globalization’s current state than the current conventional wisdom, providing a framework for anticipating the future direction of the world economy.