October 5, 2020 2:17PM

We Can Help You, Samantha Bee!

Dear comedian and television host Samantha Bee,

From this new video, I see you have worries about school choice. I get it. We all hear lots of scary stories about freedom. But I have good news for you – we have what you need to sleep well at night (other than watching your show, of course)!

This Wednesday, you could get a free copy of Cato’s new book School Choice Myths, signed by editors Corey DeAngelis and me, that will give you everything you need to see that school choice isn’t the boogeyman. It’s much more like Hulu, Apple TV, and YouTube—those terrific things that enable us to watch not just government TV, but countless shows of our choosing. You know, shows like yours—especially yours—rather than just PBS NewsHour, or Antiques Roadshow, or whatever the British Broadcasting Company—not even our own broadcasting company—deigns to let us colonists watch.

Anyway, how can you get that coveted, free signed copy of School Choice Myths? Register for our online launch event this Wednesday, where not only will you get the book if you submit a question or comment that Corey and I select as one of the best (hint: we won’t know if your writing staff helped!) but you’ll get lots of great information from our expert panel of contributors, also for free!

Free School Choice Myths Contest ad

You really can’t lose!

Of course, you may not win the contest and then would have to buy the book, but it would be well worth the price to set your mind at ease:

  • Worry that school choice programs are unaccountable: Read chapter nine!
  • Think kids remaining in public schools get left behind: See chapters six, seven, eight, and eleven!
  • Despair over “free market fundamentalism”: Not sure what that means, but enjoy chapters ten and twelve (and the entire book if you really just mean “freedom”)!
  • Too much religion (or something like that): Chapters one, three, and four!
  • “Sell our kids off to the free market”: That sounds, like, Hunger Games-level horrible. Oh, the images in your mind! Anyway, see chapter five.

Ms. Bee, all of us at Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom want you to feel better. We hope you’ll tune in Wednesday, and if you’re really on your game, maybe your question or comment will make you a winner—and finally of something you won’t just shove in a closet.


Neal McCluskey and all of us here at Cato CEF