August 7, 2020 9:46AM

Two Different Approaches To Dealing With Allies On Issues Related To China

It is reasonable to think that when dealing with the various economic and political challenges presented by China, it would make sense for the U.S. government to work with our many democratic allies around the world. There seems to be a clear contrast between the two presidential candidates on this issue. Here is something President Trump said yesterday:

… earlier today I signed a proclamation that defends American industry by re‐​imposing aluminum tariffs on Canada. Canada was taking advantage of us, as usual …

Not surprisingly, Canada has announced that it plans to retaliate with tariffs of its own.

In contrast, here is something candidate Joe Biden said two days ago:

I’ll rally our allies to set the rules of the road and push back on Beijing’s aggressive and predatory behavior.

For those who want to do something about China’s behavior, this seems like the more effective approach.