May 4, 2010 12:21PM

Tuesday Links

  • David Rittgers on the New York bomb plot: “This is one of the few cases in which police surveillance cameras earn their keep. When it comes to deterring crime and terrorism, police on the beat are still the sharpest tool we have. The Times Square plot was foiled by an alert person and a prompt police response — not by a camera. …But cameras aid in the response — helping piece together the plot and track down those responsible.” More on this from Roger Pilon.
  • Quiz Time: If government spending is growing faster than GDP, can the resulting deficit problem be solved by: (A) decreasing the rate of growth of government spending, (B) increasing tax rates, (C) decreasing the rate of growth of government spending and increasing tax rates? Click here to find out how you did.
  • Doug Bandow on what to do about North Korea: “Beijing should take the lead in forging a new, active policy designed to both denuclearize the Korean peninsula and promote political and economic reform in the North.”