June 25, 2010 3:00PM

Take Our Jobs, Please

Check out this invitation from the United Farm Workers:

There are two issues facing our nation—high unemployment and undocumented people in the workforce—that many Americans believe are related.

Missing from the debate on both issues is an honest recognition that the food we all eat—at home, in restaurants and workplace cafeterias (including those in the Capitol)—comes to us from the labor of undocumented farm workers.

Agriculture in the United States is dependent on an immigrant workforce. Three‐​quarters of all crop workers working in American agriculture were born outside the United States. According to government statistics, since the late 1990s, at least 50% of the crop workers have not been authorized to work legally in the United States.

We are a nation in denial about our food supply. As a result the UFW has initiated the “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

Farm workers are ready to train citizens and legal residents who wish to replace them in the field, we will use our knowledge and staff to help connect the unemployed with farm employers. Just fill out the form to the right and continue on to the request for job application.

Perhaps some U.S. citizens really will work these jobs. Somehow I doubt there will be very many.

It’s too bad I learned about this site only just after my most recent piece at the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone, in which I talked about how so much of the American economy now depends on the benign neglect of our immigration laws.

I almost wish we could see the consequences of having an America free of illegal immigrants. Based on past precedent, it wouldn’t make much difference in stopping terrorism. But it would really, really hurt American agriculture and business.