March 16, 2009 1:34PM

The Stimulus Bill, Rebranded

A while back I noted that the administration had helpfully developed a special symbol to brand its wonderful stimulus program. The purpose is to ensure that the people will be eternally grateful and thus will reward the president with their votes, er, no, that would be partisan and run contrary to everything the new administration stands for. The purpose is to educate people about what the government is doing on their behalf.

As one would expect, with a symbol so ridiculous have come some wonderful parodies. Several focus on what is being done to the taxpayers. There’s even a funny poster to go along with some other entries.

The strongest defense of individual liberty today is going to come from entrepreneurial activists around the country like these, who have harnessed the power of ridicule, not politicians on Capitol Hill who, after voting for bloated federal budgets for years, now claim to realize that government spending is a bad thing. The latter are “the summer soldier and sunshine patriot” who Thomas Paine spoke of back in 1776. It is up to the rest of us to carry the heaviest burden of the battle for liberty. The the fight is worth it as the price of freedom always has been high. As Paine noted in “The Crisis”: “it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”