April 10, 2012 4:48PM

Simplicity, Please

Today, L. Gordon Crovitz penned "Complexity Is Bad for Your Health" in the Wall Street Journal.  It is a most edifying article about the difficulties facing the Supreme Court as it tries to figure out what the concoction termed "ObamaCare" is all about.  Justices -- from Breyer to Scalia -- have made it clear that the only thing that is "clear" is that Congress and the White House paid a visit to Rube Goldberg before they passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Law in 2010.

Most of what passes for "getting something done" in Washington, D.C. usually amounts to making things so complex that no one -- not even the authors -- can grasp the nettle.  But, that's the objective of complexity -- to conceal the truth, to deceive.