March 4, 2011 7:41AM

Sen. DeMint Taking the Lead on Education Reform In South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the few states where school choice supporters have been working to pass a great education tax credit program that’s broad-based and well-structured (please excuse me if I sound like a cattle-breeder or wine-taster).

Senator Jim DeMint has been a real champion of choice for SC and the country, and he has a great new video promoting education tax credits (brought to you  by South Carolinians for Responsible Government, the guys in the trenches for good policy there).

The lead-in hits it perfectly; school choice is about self government, and public education means an educated public, not government-run schools.

But I’m a sucker for the fiscal stuff. And with the economy and government budgets in the state they’re in, citizens want to know first and foremost whether any new program is going to cost them more money. Jump to 7:23 in the video for a great take on how education tax credits save money.

Have a look, like it on YouTube, pass it around, post it on Facebook . . . spread the word . . .