July 15, 2010 12:09PM

Return of the Principal‐​in‐​Chief

According to a Fort Worth Star‐​Telegram report, President Obama plans to reprise last year’s hotly debated role as Principal‐​in‐​Chief to help kick off the coming school year.

Will he have the Department of Education once again put out leading and Obama‐​aggrandizing study guides? Will he again take personal credit for getting computers and other goodies into your kids’ schools? Will this address look as much like a campaign event as the last one? Will he tell all the kids that the really noble thing to do is get government jobs?

We don’t know the answers to these pressing questions yet, but we do know one thing: If he really does plan to play Principal — or maybe Motivational‐​Speaker – in‐​Chief again, it will be both unconstitutional, and unacceptable to a whole lot of people.

For a refresher on last year’s spectacle, by the way, check out this terrific “Cato Weekly Video” installment on it: