February 22, 2010 10:57AM

Remember When National Standards Were Going to be “Voluntary”?

In a speech today to the National Governors' Association, President Obama proposed that states do exactly as he tells them regarding national education standards, or his government will take their people's money and not give it back. The applause was... light.

Under the president's preferred reform to federal education law, states would have to bring their curriculum standards into line with his administration's wishes or they would be denied their share of the $14.5 billion education program known as "Title 1."

But of course taxpayers in every state must pay for Title 1, whether or not the administration deigns to allow their children to participate. So the president wants to take their money and only give it back if they do as he says. The closest word I can think of to describe this arrangement is... extortion.

I'm fairly sure that's not a central value underlying American greatness, but there's another political entity that it does evoke.