February 7, 2011 12:49PM

Peace by the Numbers

If you follow the news, you might never guess that we're living in a remarkably peaceful era. But we are. The long-term trends say that war is on the decline—combat fatalities, too. If we value world peace, we shouldn't be complaining. We should be figuring out why these things are happening—and asking how we can keep them going.

Peace, of course, doesn't often make the news. There's nothing dramatic to report. Peace doesn't explode. It doesn't kill people. It makes for lousy TV.

I'm hoping, however, that peace makes a good topic at Cato Unbound. This month's lead essay is by Andrew Mack, director of the Human Security Report Project at Simon Fraser University. If we live in a more secure world, he asks, why is it?

Please join us throughout the month for an empirical discussion of peace and war, the demographics of each, and what it is that makes our era an unusually peaceful one.