September 3, 2008 10:51AM

Palin on Health Care, Limited but Encouraging

As with most other issues, Sarah Palin’s record on health care reform is, well, thin. But what we do know suggests that she leans in the right direction. She has said that the key to health care reform is to “allow free‐​market competition and reduce onerous government regulation.” As governor, she called for abolishing Alaska’s anti‐​competition certificate‐​of‐​need (CON) requirement. (CON requires that health care providers seek state approval before building or expanding hospitals, purchasing capital equipment, or offering new or expanded services). She also established a state office to provide health care consumers with information about price and quality. While this should more properly be handled by the private sector, it shows she understands the importance of making the health care system more transparent and putting consumers at the center of any health care reform. Given the dismal record of most politicians from both parties on this issue, Palin’s record should be considered limited but encouraging.