March 11, 2010 7:20PM

ObamaCare Cost‐​Estimate Watch, Day #265

Today, the Congressional Budget Office released what may be the penultimate cost estimate of ObamaCare. Or maybe it will be the 12th‐​to‐​the‐​last. Whatever.

That document — unlike the CBO’s score of the Clinton health plan — includes no cost estimates of the legislation’s private‐​sector mandates. As I have written previously, the private‐​sector mandates accounted for 60 percent of the cost of the Clinton plan. The Obama plan is remarkably similar, which is probably why Democrats have systematically suppressed any such estimates this time around.

President Obama has implicitly acknowledged that the CBO estimates do not reflect the legislation’s full cost. Yet it has now been 265 days since Congress saw the first version of the Obama health plan, and we’re still waiting for a full cost estimate.

And so, the ObamaCare Cost‐​Estimate Watch maintains its lonely vigil. At least The New York Times is listening.