September 24, 2008 12:50PM

NPR Article, Audio of IQ2 Universal‐​Coverage Debate

Today, National Public Radio's Julie Rovner writes about the recent Intelligence Squared debate where John Stossel, Sally Pipes, and I squared off against Paul Krugman, Michael Rachlis, and Art Kellerman on whether the federal government should pursue a policy of universal health-insurance coverage.  The article includes links to the full audio recording of the debate, an edited audio recording, and audio excerpts.  (You can also absorb the debate via YouTube and the transcript.)

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Rovner quotes me:

You can have a health-care sector that guarantees universal coverage, or you can have a health-care sector that continuously makes medical care better, cheaper, and safer, making it easier to deliver on that moral obligation that we have to help the less-fortunate among us. You cannot have both.

If you agree, you may be a candidate for the Anti-Universal Coverage Club.