October 24, 2007 4:41PM

The Mitt‐​Hillary “Connection,” Part V

Washingtonpost.com’s “Fact Checker” cites yet another knowledgeable observer on the similarities between the health care reforms that Mitt Romney enacted while governor of Massachusetts, and those proposed by Romney’s fellow presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

According to MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, who advised Romney on his health care reform law and has also advised Clinton, the Massachusetts law has a lot in common with the Clinton plan. Both plans mandate universal health care coverage and subsidize health care for people on low incomes. The main difference is that Clinton’s proposal permits people to switch to a Medicare‐​type plan and increases taxes at higher income levels.

In a previous post on this topic, I wrote:

The Cato Institute was the first to note the similarities between RomneyCare and the 1993 Clinton health plan. The New Republic ($) and The Washington Post soon followed.

I wonder who will be next?

The answer: a well‐​respected advisor to Gov. Romney, who also advised Sen. Clinton.