December 5, 2008 4:03PM

Meat Means Research!

Matthew Yglesias is less than impressed by the scientific rigor of my last post, pointing out that “if I wanted to be taken seriously as a researcher, I wouldn’t pretend to believe that the BLS‐​defined ‘Education and Health Services supersector’ of the labor market was identical to unionized primary and secondary school teachers.”


You know, come to think of it, if I’d wanted that post to be a major contribution to humanity’s understanding of American education, I probably shouldn’t have put a big picture of Meat Loaf on it, either! Heck, I probably shouldn’t have done it as a tiny blog post at all! What an idiot I am!

Fortunately, you’ll find a longer, more thoughtful explanation of the point I was oh‐​so‐​embarassingly trying to make here (though it, too, is on a blog), and then you can just take my little contribution for what it is: a quick bit of info suggesting that there could be some economic upside to being a public‐​school teacher.