October 18, 2010 5:20PM

A Market Rescue in Chile

The Chilean mine accident and subsequent dramatic rescue of 33 miners in Chile has prompted criticism of capitalism from the usual quarters. Happily, there is an increasing recognition of the real story, as noted by Dan Henninger in the Wall Street Journal: capitalism saved the miners. Chile, long Latin America’s freest economy and now the fifth freest economy in the world according to the Economic Freedom of the World report, was able to rely on the latest technology and expertise provided by capitalist companies from around the world to execute a rescue that would not have been possible before the current era of globalization. The Washington Post also editorialized to that effect, saying, “Thanks to Chile’s openness to the world and embrace of entrepreneurship, it was able to effectively deploy cutting‐​edge technologies.” Here, commentator Star Parker writes about the miners and Chile’s remarkable transformation that began in the 1970s.