March 23, 2012 3:13PM

How Much Education Spending Is Enough?

The Washington Times reports that the Obama administration’s answer to everything really is simply to spend more:

Education Secretary Arne Duncan used Thursday’s appearance before a key House subcommittee to not only defend the Obama administration’s request for a $1.7 billion increase in school funding for fiscal 2013, but also to rip the GOP budget proposal laid out by Rep. Paul Ryan earlier this week.

It’s easy to get confused these days, what with billions of dollars of spending at the national, state, and local levels.

How much do we actually spend, and what do we get for it? For all of you who want to get the details but don’t have much time, or have family and friends who need to be introduced to reality, here’s Everything you need to know about public school spending in less than 2½ minutes:

Oh, and below is an explanation for why your friends and family probably have no idea how much we spend on K-12 public education. (Government schools aren’t very keen on transparency and accountability.)