June 27, 2012 4:12PM

Great Leadership + Thoughtful Policy = Huge Victory for Educational Freedom

Today, the New Hampshire House and Senate took a stand for choice and freedom in education. Both bodies mustered an overwhelming 69‐​percent super‐​majority in favor of the School Choice Scholarship Act, over‐​riding the Governor’s veto.

This is by far the largest margin of victory ever secured for a new private school choice program.

The law is path‐​breaking, supporting for the first time in the nation a family’s choice to home school their child.

The law protects independence and innovation in private education, imposing no new restrictions on private or home schools, because the lawmakers understand that direct accountability to parents and taxpayers is the most effective kind of accountability.

The program allows up to 30 percent of the credit funds in the first year (more in subsequent years) to support children who are already in private school, but need assistance in order to remain there.

And after the first two years, the program can expand by 25 percent each year.

I provided analysis and advice on education tax credit policy structure to individuals in New Hampshire over the past year, but a policy analyst can only explain why certain structures are better or worse for accomplishing particular goals.

The New Hampshire legislators and others who pushed this education tax credit with perseverance, principle and thoughtfulness deserve the highest praise …it is not often that we are fortunate enough to see a critical mass of true leadership in politics.

Legislators in other states should take note of what can be accomplished when lawmakers take principles and policy seriously.