April 27, 2007 11:43AM

Give Us Back Our Monopoly!

The governor of Ohio is threatening to kill most school choice in his state, and several leaders of urban school districts are doing all they can to help him. If you ever wanted to know what really motivates people like this, your answer is clear as day in this Cleveland Plain Dealer article:

Columbus — Leaders of Ohio’s eight big‐​city school districts are lobbying lawmakers this week to support Gov. Ted Strickland’s proposal to ban for‐​profit charter schools and ax a statewide school‐​voucher program.

“We strongly support his position that for‐​profit entities not operate in our state,” said Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders, co‐​chairman of the Ohio 8, a coalition of superintendents and teachers union presidents from the state’s largest districts. “We think those funds can more appropriately be used in a public school context.…”

The school leaders want legislators to know they are weary of watching students, as well as tens of millions of tax dollars, fly out of their coffers and into the hands of charter schools — independent public schools that are privately run but publicly funded.

Simply put: Lousy competition is kicking our butts. We want our monopoly back!