May 13, 2011 11:24AM

Friday Links

By Cato Editors
  • Despite GM’s recent profitability, the auto bailout was a bad idea.
  • A parent fixing a nutritious lunch is a better way to combat childhood obesity than the school taking pictures of what children eat.
  • Spending cuts for an increase in the debt ceiling are a step in the right direction — but they need to be real spending cuts.
  • Please join us Tuesday, May 17, 2011 for a Book Forum on Peddling Protectionism: Smoot‐​Hawley and the Great Depression, featuring the author Douglas A. Irwin, Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College; with comments by Daniel Griswold, director of Cato’s Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies. Complimentary registration is required by noon, eastern, Monday May 16, 2011. We hope you can join us in person, or online.