February 3, 2010 3:52PM

‘Father of HSAs’ John Goodman Plays Host to ‘Father of the Individual Mandate’ Mitt Romney

[caption align=right]

"Father of the Individual Mandate" Mitt Romney[/caption]

The former nickname came from National Journal or The Wall Street Journal, I'm not sure which.  The latter nickname comes from Institute for Health Freedom president Sue Blevins.

See here for details on an upcoming event in Dallas where Goodman's National Center for Policy Analysis will play host to Romney.

It should be an interesting event.  With all 40 Republican members of the U.S. Senate, including moderates like Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), voting to declare an individual mandate unconstitutional...with 35 states moving legislation to block an individual mandate...with the Heritage Foundation rebuking an individual mandate...and with Virginia's Democratically controlled Senate approving legislation to block an individual mandate...well, Romney may have a tough road to hoe with the conservatives who typically attend NPCA events.