December 5, 2008 9:50AM

Encore for the NEA!

Media Name: meat_loaf.jpg

Just like last month, while all other sectors of the economy were watching jobs disappear, health care, education, and government added positions:

The only sectors where jobs were created last month were in education and health services, which created 52,000 jobs last month, and in government, where 7,000 jobs were created last month as well. Education, health and government are considered recession‐​resistant professions and do not tend to shed jobs in times of economic slowdowns.

I readlot of articles these days trying to scare people half to death about potential draconian cuts to government schooling, but at the very least it doesn’t seem any of our educators should have trouble finding jobs. I mean, you’d think that maybe a few jobs would be cut, not thousands added!

With that in mind, its time for another Meat Loaf power ballad! Our politicians will do anything for taxpayers but cross the NEA. No, they won’t do that!