September 11, 2009 3:51PM

Education Tax Credits Much More Popular Than Vouchers

A recent poll from Education Next deserves a spotlight.

Specifically, it shows once again that there is solid, widespread support for education tax credits. And it once again shows greater support for tax credits than for vouchers.

Unfortunately, the poll does not ask parallel voucher and credit questions; there are no strict apples‐​to‐​apples comparisons. So I’ve compared the voucher and credit questions that receive the highest levels of support.

The result: tax credits blow vouchers out of the water.

The graph below shows the percent increase/​decrease in support/​opposition for tax credits as compared with vouchers.


In the nationally representative sample, support for credits is about 50 percent higher than for vouchers. And opposition to credits is more than 50 percent lower. And among public school teachers, support for credits is almost 120 percent higher than support for vouchers.

As I noted earlier today, an astonishing 57 percent of public school teachers support education tax credits. Only 26 percent support vouchers.

Let this graph burn into your brain a little, and then explain to me why vouchers are ever the first choice when pursuing private school choice.