April 20, 2011 12:10PM

Droid Does™ Liberty

By George Scoville

When we launched our popular iPhone application last October, we obviously underestimated the number of Android‐​carrying libertarians in the world. But thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we heard your requests loud and clear.

We are very proud and excited to announce the release of Cato Mobile, available for FREE download in the Android Marketplace. Additionally, we updated our iPhone application so you can share your favorite items to Twitter and Facebook right from the palm of your hand, powered by Socialize.

These applications are your way of staying up to date, wherever you are, with everything that’s happening at Cato Institute. From handheld access to this blog or op‐​eds penned in major publications by our experts, to listening to the latest Cato Daily Podcast or watching cable TV news clips, you can now have Cato Institute information resources in the palm of your hand. Our Android app also has a native sharing function, so you can pass along your favorite items to your social networks.

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Head over to our new Mobile Apps and Web page to stay updated on all of our applications. We are currently still working to develop apps for other devices–including BlackBerry and an iOS app tailored for iPads–and we will announce them as soon as they become available. For the time being, head over to the Android Marketplace to download the official Cato Institute Android app, or search for “Cato Institute” in the Android Marketplace on your mobile device.

Remember to use the #Cato20 hashtag on Twitter to let us know what you think about the new Droid app! Please refer also to our list of known issues for troubleshooting help.