December 16, 2009 2:48PM

Don’t You Mean Financial Illiteracy?

According to a story out yesterday, the federal government is starting a new campaign to promote financial literacy among high school students. That’s right, federal politicians, who have given us Fannie, Freddie, the Community Reinvestment Act, endless pork binges, and a national debt surpassing $12 trillion have the absolutely staggering hubris to think that they somehow have what it takes to teach your kids about sound financial practices!

This would actually be pretty funny (for instance, it reminds me of this classically trite PSA) were the complete unshackling of the federal leviathan of which it is a symptom not, potentially, utterly devastating. Unfortunately, we simply can’t afford, either literally or figuratively, to laugh at absurdities or patently unconstitutional overreaching like this anymore.