November 29, 2018 12:02PM


Welcome to the Defense Download! This new round‐​up is intended to highlight what we at the Cato Institute are keeping tabs on in the world of defense politics every week. The three‐​to‐​five trending stories will vary depending on the news cycle, what policymakers are talking about, and will pull from all sides of the political spectrum. If you would like to recieve more frequent updates on what I’m reading, writing, and listening to—you can follow me on Twitter via @CDDorminey

  1. Senate defies White House on Saudi support in Yemen,” Elana Schor. In a 63–37 vote that took place late yesterday afternoon, the Senate moved forward on a resolution to withdraw U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. Every Democratic Senator plus 14 Republican Senators voted to ensure that this issue would be hotly debated, raising public awareness and sending a clear signal that this issue will not fissile out. 
  2. Yemen: Inquiry finds Saudis diverting arms to factions loyal to their cause,” Rod Austin. More on Yemen. The top line of the article is right in the description: “Investigators say weapons from UK and US have fallen into hands of splinter groups in Yemen, some with links to al‐​Qaida and ISIS.” This isn’t just small arms and light weapons. The investigation revealed that diverted weapon systems include “sophisticated armoured vehicles, rocket launchers, grenades and rifles.” 
  3. How Much Will The Space Force Cost?” Todd Harrison. Interested in the Space Force? This report goes in depth on three different ways the military could organize the Space Force: a Space Corps, Space Force‐​Lite, and Space Force‐​Heavy. You can get information down to the line‐​item level or just hit the highlights of total cost estimates for each option.