September 10, 2008 1:17PM

Dana Goldman Digs the Anti‐​Universal Coverage Club Scene

Health economist Dana Goldman, according to his bio, “holds the RAND Chair in Health Economics and is the Founding Director of the Bing Center for Health Economics at RAND. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Health Services and Radiology at UCLA.” He also started a peer‐​reviewed journal or something. So, not exactly a slouch in the health policy/​economics realm.

In a contribution to Cato Unbound a little while back, Goldman wrote the following, which qualifies him for membership in the Anti‐​Universal Coverage Club:

the health policy debate is preoccupied with the wrong issues — for example, covering the uninsured. The real challenge for society is deciding how we can best buy better health, not just health care. In fact, I suspect that early child development, education, clean air, and medical research may offer better returns than health insurance and more medical services. But it may also turn out society should be spending more, not less, on medical care — just doing so in a more prudent manner.

Emphasis added.

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