June 1, 2012 1:20PM

This Bit of Wisdom Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

Andy Matthews, president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, offers an astute, concise analysis of the Romney campaign's education plan. In a post titled "Great ideas... from the wrong level of government," Matthews writes:

When you're considering the merits of a policy proposal, there are three important questions to ask. One, is the policy constitutional? Two, is this the lowest level of government that can enact the policy? And three, will the policy work?
If he wins in November, let’s hope Gov. Romney realizes that, while his education plan would be great for a governor to implement, it’s not the right one for a president to push — for constitutional as well as practical reasons.

I offered much the same advice to President G. W. Bush when he was advocating private school choice at the national level, based on education policy precedents from around the world and across history. Those lessons still apply.