January 27, 2010 5:22PM

Bipartisan Badness?

As I wrote last week, I had a bad feeling that President Obama would turn to education bribe -- er -- "reform" after last Tuesday's bombshell election, and it seems I was right to be afraid -- very afraid. It's an area where Republicans have been all too happy over the last decade or so to let big government in despite its undeniable record of failure, and it will give the President a terrific chance to look like a new, "bipartisan" man. Fortunately, many progressive Democrats dislike extremely intrusive federal education laws like No Child Left Behind, so while the battle lines over what the president is likely to propose for K-12 education will probably be different than we've seen over the last year, hopefully the opposition will be just as strong. And when it comes to some efforts Mr. Obama is likely to highlight in higher education -- even more federal spending and a complete takeover of student lending -- Republicans will likely offer much more unified resistance. In other words, fighting the awful proposals we're likely to hear about in tonight's State of the Union won't be easy, but it won't be impossible, either.