August 16, 2007 9:52AM

An Apology Is in Order

Yesterday, I posted to this blog regarding a paper by Michelle Bucci and Bill Beach of the Heritage Foundation. My post consisted almost entirely of one sentence from that paper; I offered no context.

Taken by itself, that lone sentence could be interpreted to mean that the authors support an income tax increase. I never for a moment considered that to be the authors’ position; the sentence was interesting to me for that ambiguity, not because I thought the authors support such a thing.

I have since been informed that my post read like an accusation, rather than something playful. A cheap shot, really. That was not my intention, and I apologize to Bucci, Beach, and their colleagues at Heritage.

I sometimes disagree with Heritage scholars, but it is important to me to keep those disagreements friendly and respectful. Here it seems I failed, and it wasn’t even over a disagreement. Sorry, guys. Yeeeouch, indeed.