October 22, 2008 2:01PM

All Our Problems, in One, Easy Op‐​ed!

If you could endorse everything that’s killing our economy and inflating college costs in one op‐​ed, Michael Dannenberg of the New America Foundation has done it in this morning’s USA Today. Call for government‐​backed student loans to all comers, regardless of horrible credit history? Check! Trot out the old canard that penurious state higher ed spending drives tuition increases? Check! Demand deficit spending? Check! Declare that FDR ended the longest depression in American history with massive government outlays? Check!

Unfortunately, I am at a conference right now and can’t give this the full treatment it deserves, but just read the op‐​ed. Frankly, as we are now paying the stabbing price for years of too much easy, government‐​driven credit—not to mention massive deficit spending—the piece practically refutes itself.