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The Cato Institute is pleased to host visits from college classes, internship programs, and other student groups. These visits — our “Student Briefings” — follow a standard format in which students receive a lecture and engage in a discussion with one of our policy scholars. The scholar will be selected based on the interests of the visiting group.

Student Briefings at the Cato Institute offer students of all backgrounds and political perspectives an outstanding opportunity to learn from some of the country’s foremost scholars of a wide range of policy disciplines.

Cato regularly hosts groups from small private colleges, Ivy League universities, large state universities, religious schools, high schools, DC‐​based internship programs, professional development/​leadership training programs, and more: We are open to any groups that are interested in hearing from our scholars.

If you are interested in arranging a visit for your class or group, please e‑mail Student Programs Coordinator Neil Saul. It will be helpful if you include the following information in your initial message:

  • The size of the group
  • The policies or issues that interest the group (e.g. foreign policy, civil liberties, education, healthcare, etc.)
  • Possible date(s) and time(s)