To Be Governed…

November/​December 2020 • Policy Report

[Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko] accused foreign agitators, including Russian opposition leaders, of organizing the protests [against his purported reelection] and urged Belarusians to “understand that you and our children are being used as cannon fodder!”
Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2020

I know that if we entrust this nation to Joe, he will do for your family what he did for ours: bring us together and make us whole.
— Jill Biden, Democratic National Convention, August 18, 2020

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday defended the Chicago Police Department’s ban on protests on her Logan Square block… .

“I have a right to make sure my home is secure,” Lightfoot said. “We have a right in our home to live in peace.”
— WTTW, August 20, 2020

For months, the city of San Francisco health order has prevented local gyms from opening their doors, but some cityowned gyms have been back open for months and are allowing city employees to use them, crushing private gym owners… .

“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” said Dave Karraker, owner of MX3 Fitness in the Castro… .

Gyms for police officers aren’t the only ones open. A sign at the Hall of Justice gym shows rules for use as of July 1 for its patrons, which would include judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and paralegals.
— NBC Bay Area, September 5, 2020

Mr. Bolsonaro has since March vowed to keep Latin America’s largest economy alive. Breaking with earlier promises to tightly control spending, his government in April began funneling generous cash payments to millions of poor to help them ride out the economic storm.

Six months after the pandemic began to batter this country, the president’s approach of playing down the disease while raising public spending appears to be paying off, even in regions where support for his leftist rivals has been historically rock solid. The shift could augur well for Mr. Bolsonaro and his allies ahead of November municipal elections and the presidential vote in 2022.
Wall Street Journal, September 14, 2020

President Trump on Friday announced a package of billions in federal aid for Puerto Rico to help it recover from a powerful hurricane that hit the island three years ago—a move that comes as his reelection campaign increasingly relies on winning Florida with support from its Latino communities.
Washington Post, September 18, 2020

Federal payments to farmers are projected to hit a record $46 billion this year as the White House funnels money to Mr. Trump’s rural base in the South and Midwest ahead of Election Day. The gush of funds has accelerated in recent weeks as the president looks to help his core supporters who have been hit hard by the double whammy of his combative trade practices and the coronavirus pandemic.
New York Times, October 12, 2020

What would Joe Biden’s plan do for you? Families with young children could get nearly $7,000 for child care. Buying your first home, you’ll get $15,000 toward the down payment. Older seniors, your yearly Social Security benefits could increase by nearly $1,300. The Biden plan: The wealthy and big corporations pay more, you benefit.
— Biden for President TV ad

“The Cares Act was incredibly helpful on the campaign trail,” a GOP official involved in down‐​ballot races told Power Up. “That said, would it be helpful to pass a bill now? It wouldn’t hurt is kind of the point. It wouldn’t hurt… . Any time you pass anything it’s helpful because you’re demonstrating how effective the U.S. Senate was,” the official said.
Washington Post, September 17, 2020

At Least One Company Is Cheering Renewed Aluminum Tariff on Canada
Wall Street Journal headline, August 24, 2020