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Pop Culture for Peace, the Supreme Court, and Design Awards

March/​April 2021 • Policy Report

Pop Culture for Peace
Pop & Locke,’s podcast covering movies and television from a libertarian perspective, had a special guest for its recent episode: M*A*S*H actor Mike Farrell, who played Captain B. J. Hunnicutt on the show, which was known for its strong anti‐​war themes.

Suprem Court
Supreme Disorder: Judicial Nominations and the Politics of America’s Highest Court by Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies, led the National Law Journal’s list of books of the year about the Supreme Court.

Design Award
The catalog for Cato’s 2019 art exhibition, Freedom: Art as the Messenger, won Best of Category for “programs” at the Printing and Graphics Association Mid‐​Atlantic competition among hundreds of entries.

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