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January/​February 2018 • Policy Report
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30 UNDER 30

Chelsea Follett, the managing editor of Cato’s project, was named one of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 in Law and Policy. Forbes’s competitive annual list features 600 “young stars” in 20 different fields, selected from thousands of nominations. As Forbes wrote, aims to “counter the doom and gloom of the daily news cycle by highlighting long-term economic development and increases in individual well-being as a result of market liberalization.”


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Cato saw its second record-breaking web traffic day in 2017, with October 31st eclipsing January’s previous record. The surge came largely thanks to Cato research fellow Emily Ekins’s report on the 2017 Cato Free Speech and Tolerance Survey. Ekins’s extensive and timely report is alternately encouraging and concerning: the majority of Americans oppose hate-speech laws, and 67 percent of Americans say that free speech ensures that the truth will win out; but at the same time, many Americans also hold troubling views along partisan lines. Fifty-three percent of Republicans support stripping citizenship from people who burn the American flag, for example, while 51 percent of Democrats support a law that requires Americans to use transgender people’s preferred gender pronouns. A blog post by Cato immigration analyst David Bier on how the line for green cards can “move backwards” for some applicants also played a role in driving unprecedented traffic to Cato’s website that day.