Will Wilkinson

Former Research Fellow and Editor of Cato Unbound

Will Wilkinson was a research fellow who works on a wide range of issues at the intersection of political philosophy, psychology, and economics. He has authored major studies on the moral dimensions of Social Security reform, the policy implications of happiness research, and economic inequality. He is also editor of Cato Unbound, the Institute’s online forum of big ideas. Prior to joining Cato, Wilkinson was the academic coordinator of the Social Change Project and the Global Prosperity Initiative for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where his work concentrated on the mechanisms of social change and the role of institutions in economic development. He has also served as a program director for the Institute for Humane Studies. Wilkinson’s writing has appeared in The Economist, The Atlantic, Forbes, Reason, Policy, Prospect, Slate, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and other publications. He has been a regular contributor to the radio program Marketplace, appears frequently on Bloggingheads TV, and is an online columnist for The Week magazine.

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