Edward Calabrese is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, specializing in toxicology. His voluminous work, including over 750 professional papers, has the potential to revolutionize — and rationalize — the global paradigm of environmental regulation.

Dr. Calabrese is the world’s leader in hormesis research, a conceptual model in which small amounts of a compound confer benefits, while larger ones are toxic, which is similar to what occurs with therapeutic medication. In contrast, the regulatory paradigm is that all doses of radiation or carcinogens are potentially fatal by causing damage to DNA. That is now known to be patently false, as we internally damage our DNA over time orders of magnitude more than can be accomplished by a single dose of a carcinogen.

While Dr. Calabrese will continue his vigorous academic research program, his association with Cato will result in more widespread dissemination of his findings and his direct engagement into the ongoing regulatory debate.