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Gary Becker at Cato’s 1997 conference on the global pension crisis.

Gary S. Becker (1930–2014)

Gary S. Becker was one of the world’s most innovative economists. His extension of economic analysis into the fields of sociology, criminology, and demography has increased our understanding of individual behavior and its effect on society.

Becker served as a member of Cato’s Social Security Advisory Board and was a vocal supporter of Social Security reform. As he wrote in the Wall Street Journal, Social Security “privatization helps to separate saving for retirement from interest‐​group politics, from taxation, and from government spending.”

Becker was the University Professor of Economics and Sociology at the University of Chicago and the Rose‐​Marie and Jack R. Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He authored numerous important books, including Human Capital, Social Economics, The Economics of Life, and A Treatise on the Family.

Speeches Given at Cato

“Solving the Global Public Pensions Crisis,” (December 8–9, 1997).

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