Will the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Live Up to Its Promise? — Understanding the Economic Models and the Estimates They Produce

Featuring Hanna Norberg

Common to most trade negotiations are estimates of the likely economic benefits of a completed deal. Often, these estimates vary, as they are based on different assumptions in the models. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how estimates for an agreement with yet‐​to‐​be‐​determined provisions can have any credibility. Panelists will discuss the basics of the economic modeling that is common to estimating the benefits of trade agreements, describe how those estimates affect the negotiations, and explain divergences in the estimates of some of the most commonly referenced models.

Moderated by: Hanna Norberg, TradeEcon​o​mista​.com

Laura Baughman, Trade Partnership
Gabriel Felbermayr, Ifo Institute
Gabriel Siles‐​Brugge, University of Manchester