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Will the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Live Up to Its Promise? — Session I: Taking Stock of the Issues

What is at stake in these negotiations? Why are some issues more difficult to resolve than others, and how can compromise be reached? This panel will identify the low‐​hanging fruit, the sacred cows, and everything in between to provide a better understanding of the issues under negotiation, from the easiest to most difficult and consequential. Given the comprehensive nature of the agreement, there is room for debate on a number of topics, such as regulatory coherence, investor‐​state dispute settlement, privacy and data flows, financial services, government procurement, agriculture, services, labor and the environment, and, of course, tariffs. So what exactly is on the table, and what positions, if any, have both sides taken?

Moderated by: Dan Ikenson, Cato Institute

Susan Aaronson, George Washington University
Axel Berger, German Development Institute
Marjorie Chorlins, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Celeste Drake, AFL-CIO
Iana Dreyer, Borderlex
Fredrik Erixon, ECIPE