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South Africa at a Crossroad: Will Growing Opposition Remove the African National Congress from Power?

Following stunning losses by the once hegemonic African National Congress in 2016 local elections, Herman Mashaba, a successful businessman and politician from the opposition Democratic Alliance, became mayor of Johannesburg—South Africa’s economic powerhouse. Over the course of last year, Mashaba started to tackle widespread corruption as well as failing delivery of public services in the city. In addition to speaking about the state of Johannesburg, Mashaba will offer his thoughts on economic stagnation and the potentially explosive political situation in the country. Princeton Lyman, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa at the time of the transfer of power from white minority to black majority, will discuss America’s original hopes for a new South Africa and the extent to which America’s expectations have been left unfulfilled.

Herman Mashaba
Richard Tren