Of Rockets and Robotics: GROUNDING “UBER OF THE SKY”

September 25, 2018

Innovations in aerial technology present regulators, lawmakers, and entrepreneurs with numerous challenges and opportunities.

Although there have been advances in supersonic engine technology, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) 1970s ban on overland supersonic flights remains in place. Flytenow, an online flight-sharing company seeking to establish an “Uber of the sky,” has been grounded thanks to the FAA regulations. Restrictions on unmanned aerial vehicle flights have hampered the growth of the commercial drone sector, with American companies such as Amazon.com testing delivery drones abroad. Meanwhile, police departments are increasingly interested in pursuing drone technology as well as counterdrone technology, which raises significant civil liberty and safety concerns.

Our panelists will discuss these and other issues and consider how lawmakers and regulators can best foster innovation while protecting our safety and privacy.

For: Of Rockets and Robotics: The Regulation of Emerging Aerial Technology

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