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The Rise of the Superhero President

“Healer in chief,” national redeemer, father figure, Leader of the Free World — the modern president is required to be all those things and more. It’s a radical — and dangerous — departure from the Founding Fathers’ vision of a chief magistrate with limited powers, charged with faithfully executing the laws. The demands we’ve placed on the office have transformed it into a constitutional monstrosity with powers too vast to entrust to any single, fallible human being. How did we get here? Where does Donald Trump fit into the transformation of the presidency? Can we ever restore the Framers’ modest conception of the office and again limit its powers? A new documentary from We the Internet TV provides provocative answers to these questions. Join us for the premiere screening of The Rise of Trump: Why a Reality Show President Was Inevitable (approximately 15 minutes), followed by a discussion with director Rob Montz and Cato vice president Gene Healy.