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The Problem with Europe’s Austerity Debate

Top officials in the U.S. government, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union blame Europe’s ills on fiscal austerity and advise Europeans to pursue stimulus spending or delay spending cuts. Simeon Djankov and Anders Aslund will show how the evidence counters that prevailing view. Countries that have reined in their spending are growing briskly while the profligate founder. Aslund will discuss why the level of debt and access to international markets still matter to responsible fiscal policy; Djankov will explain why Europe badly needs a growth plan that includes reducing the burden of regulation. Both speakers will explain why Europeans should focus on policy reform rather than devaluation or exit from the Euro.

Download “The Problem with Europe’s Austerity Debate” from Anders Aslund (Powerpoint Presentation)
Download “Saving the Euro” by Simon Djankov (Powerpoint Presentation)

Simeon Djankov
Anders Aslund